What Is Different About Speaker Wire?

Simply put, speaker cables are simply electrical wires that are used to connect speakers, amplifiers, and other audio components. The electrical signals sent through …

Is there a difference between speaker cables and regular wire?

Despite the seemingly simple principle behind their use, there are dozens of different types of electrical wires and choosing which one is appropriate for your use can be a bit overwhelming. This can be made much easier by understanding how each characteristic of the electrical cable affects its performance. 1. Wire size

How is the size of a speaker wire determined?

Speaker wire doesn’t have just one size (gauge). Most speaker wire follows the American Wire Gauge (AWG) standard that uses a chart of different gauges. It assigns a number to each standard size & electrical conductor rating. Likewise, each size is rated for a certain amount of electrical current capacity.

What's the difference between speaker wire and zip cord?

The two wires are electrically identical, but are marked to identify the correct audio signal polarity. Most commonly, speaker wire comes in the form of zip cord .

Is it better to use thicker speaker wire?

If you are a dedicated audiophile, then yes, bigger speaker wires do really make a difference. But that doesn’t mean picking the thickest wires will solve all your problems. There are several factors involved which have been explained in the next section. How does thicker speaker wire affect the sound?

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Can I Use A 25 Amp Breaker With 12 Gauge Wire?

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