What Is An Example Of Economic Development?

Economic development includes initiatives that improve infrastructure, enhance our education system, better our public safety, improve parks, and foster endless ways …

Which is an example of economic growth and development?

Using the Human Development Index, factors like literacy rates and life expectancy generally imply a higher per capita income and therefore indicate economic development. For example, before the berry exporting business, most Utopians lived in small villages many miles from one another. Few Utopians had access to schools, fresh water or healthcare.

How does economic development affect the economic development of a country?

Economic development is strongly influenced by the development of an economies neighbours. For example, in the 1980s and 1990s, south east Asia showed strong levels of economic growth and development. However, Sub-Saharan African countries experienced very slow growth.

Which is an example of an economic development initiative?

Economic development includes initiatives that improve infrastructure, enhance our education system, better our public safety, improve parks, and foster endless ways to incentivize and attract new businesses and jobs.

Which is an example of the study of Economics?

Economics studies various factors that affect society, the use of goods and services, the involvement of individuals, businesses, countries, and governments. Economics tries to identify and analyze ways to allocate resources so they can be used to the best.

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