What Is A Thick Client Pc?

A thick client is a computer that does not require a connection to a server system to run (unlike a thin client). However, they can benefit from connecting to a …

Which is the best definition of a thick client?

Thick client. A thick client is a computer that does not require a connection to a server system to run (unlike a thin client), although they can benefit from being connected to a network and a server. Thick clients are often found in the business environment, where servers are used to provide some data and application support,...

Can a thick client be used without a network connection?

While a thick client is fully functional without a network connection, it is only a "client" when it is connected to a server. The server may provide the thick client with programs and files that are not stored on the local machine's hard drive.

How does a thin client work on a computer?

A thin client is a computer system that runs on a server based computing environment. They work by connecting to a remote server based environment, where most applications and data is stored. The server performs most of the tasks like computations and calculations.

Why does a thick client work offline?

Thick clients can work offline because they don't need to maintain constant connections to central servers. Once an initial amount of information is gathered from a server, server connections are generally not needed. Fewer server requirements. The servers that thick clients connect to don't need to be as high-performing.

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