What Is A Subscript In Math?

A subscript is a character or string that is smaller than the preceding text and sits at or below the baseline. When used in the context “F n ,” it refers to a …

When to use subscripts in a math equation?

Usually the subscripts are natural numbers, i.e. a number from { 1, 2, 3, … }. That means that the equation above only make sense if n ≥ 3. This means that in order to describe a sequence by the above equation you must specify the values F 1 and F 2.

How to know what a subscript is telling you?

In order to truly know what the subscript is telling you, you need to either be familiar with the type of mathematical context or look carefully where the author makes his/her definitions. If a subscript usage is unique to the textbook or paper you are reading then the author will let you know somewhere.

Which is a subscript in the chemical formula for water?

The chemical formula for water is H [math]2 [/math] O . Here 2 is subscript. Likewise when we use a variable like a [math]1, [/math] a [math]2, [/math] the numbers 1&2 here are subscripts.

What are the subscripts of an infinite sequence?

In general ⟨ x n: n ∈ N ⟩ is an infinite sequence ⟨ x 0, x 1, x 2, x 3, … ⟩, the subscripts indicating the position of each term in the sequence. In the sequence the order matters.

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What Does A Subscript Mean In Math?

A subscript is a character or string that is smaller than the preceding text and sits at or below the baseline. When used in the context “F n ,” it refers to a function evaluated for the value “n.”. The text n–1 and n–2 are also subscripts that define previous values of “n” in the sequence.

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