What Is A Root Word For Mar?

mar is a root word, it means "the sea", from Latin "mare" marine, marsh, maritime, marina

Where does the word mar come from in English?

It comes from the Old English word merran, meaning “to hinder” or “to waste.” That word is related to the Old Norse merja, “to bruise,” and the Gothic marzjan, “to offend.” Mar most commonly refers to scratching, marking up, or otherwise defacing the outside or surface of something. Tabletops often get marred by knicks and scratches.

Where does the Latin word mare come from?

It comes from the Latin mare which means SEA. The SEA was of the greatest importance to the Romans. Mare Liberum, the open sea: Mare Clausum, the closed Sea: and Mare Nostrum, our sea which is now called the Mediterranean Sea. All the words on this list have a musical sound, from MERmaid to MARina.

What does the root word mer mean in English?

What does the root word Mer mean? *mer- Proto-Indo-European root meaning "to rub away, harm." Possibly identical with the root *mer- that means "to die" and forms words referring to death and to beings subject to death. Click to see full answer.

Which is the best definition of the word marred?

verb (used with object), marred, mar·ring. to damage or spoil to a certain extent; render less perfect, attractive, useful, etc.; impair or spoil: That billboard mars the view. The holiday was marred by bad weather.

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