What Is A Rail Hump Yard?

What is a rail hump yard? A hump yard has a constructed hill, over which freight cars are shoved by yard locomotives, and then gravity is used to propel the cars to …

What is a hump yard on a train?

Typically a “hump” yard is a large switching facility with a small hill in the center of the yard that allows gravity to assist in building outbound trains. Inbound trains are “broken” into smaller sections and rebuilt into outbound trains by using switch engines and the “hump”.

What is the principle of a hump yard?

The main principle of a hump yard is simple: use gravity to more efficiently do the work of a switcher locomotive. A locomotive pushes cars up a hill, called a "hump", at the crest of which a man called the pin-puller uncouples each car.

How is shunting done in a hump yard?

The wagons are pushed up to the summit of the hump with the help of an engine from where they slide down and reach the sidings under the effect of gravity. A hump yard, therefore, can be said to be a gravitation yard as shunting is done under the effect of gravity.

How does a hump yard work for a switcher?

The main principle of a hump yard is simple: use gravity to more efficiently do the work of a switcher locomotive. A locomotive pushes cars up a hill, called a "hump", at the crest of which a man called the pin-puller uncouples each car. The car then rolls freely down the hump into the classification bowl.

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