What Is A Major Reason For Deforestation And Land Development?

Deforestation leads to land erosion because the trees maintain the surface of the mountains. The water level of the rivers increases suddenly, causing floods. When it …

What are some of the causes of deforestation?

As the tide of human population growth washes over the earth's surface, large swaths of forest get cleared to make way for the expansion of cities and settlements. And with these settlements come even more infrastructure like roads, bridges, dams, water and sewer systems, railways and subways, airports, harbors, and more.

How much of the world's forest cover is deforestation?

Forests cover approximately 31% of the total land surface of the Earth. Tropical forests harbour over half of all land-based animal and plant species in the world. Between the years 2000 and 2012, over 568 million acres of forest has been claimed by deforestation.

What does deforestation mean in a Slideshare presentation?

Deforestation This presentation is of deforestation, one of the major problem of recent time. This presentation is of deforestation, one of the major problem of recent time. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

How does overpopulation and deforestation affect the environment?

Because of overpopulation, people expected more land to establish housing and settlements. With more people that come with a huge requirement for food and farmland to develop on. And raise domesticated animals resulting in deforestation. Increasing population directly affects forest as with the expansion of cities.

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