What Other Factors Could Affect Emotional Development?

Several factors can affect emotional development in childhood, including family support, education and play, family income level, and genetic abnormalities or other …

What are the most important factors in emotional development?

Family interaction seems to be the most important influence in a child’s emotional development. Studies have shown that the first five years of a child’s development are crucial to a healthy emotional life. A nurturing environment is important to a child's emotional development.

How does family affect emotional development of children?

Relations in the family and the way they express their emotions affect the emotional development of a child. If the parents have stability in their behavior and express their feelings in a balanced manner, the children also follow in their footsteps. If parents are violent, children also adopt the same.

What are the main factors affecting the development of a child?

Health practices such as proper diet and nutrition, whether the child is breastfed, structured or unstructured physical activities are all vital to the child’s well-being. The main determinants in this section are the income brackets, the housing conditions, parental employment, and educational standards.

What are some factors that influence the development of intelligence?

Early years – Growing up in a spacious house and in a good neighborhood have profound effects on a child’s mental and emotional development. Parental background such as education, occupation, and family income also play a large role in the factoring of IQ.

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