What Makes A Pinewood Derby Car Fast?

Derby Dust carries Pinewood Derby Car Accessories to help make your car go fast! Making a Fast Pinewood Derby Car? Pinewood Derby Wheels. To be the fastest it can be …

How does a pine wood derby car work?

Your pine wood derby car moves from the force of gravity and is slowed down from friction. Friction acts like brakes. Reduce friction and your car goes faster. Increase friction and your car slows down. Finding the sources of friction and finding ways to reduce it is the secret to a fast car.

How big should a car block be for pinewood derby?

If your car is too light, it will have less inertia in the flat part of the track. Be sure your car weighs as close to 5 oz as possible. Find someone with a scale, purchase an inexpensive scale or weigh your car at the Post Office. Add weights until the car block, along with the wheels and axles, is up to 5 oz.

Who is the fastest pinewood derby car builder?

At Maximum Velocity, we have some of the fastest pinewood derby car designs available today. Founder Randy Davis has a background in engineering and over twenty years of experience with pinewood derby racing. His valuable insight provides builders with everything they need to design race-winning cars every time.

What kind of lubricant to use on pinewood derby car?

In an ideally placed axle, the wheel should spin for about 45 seconds. According to the standard rules, usage of only dry lubricant is allowed. This is why most people opt for graphite. So feel free to use graphite and use it generously. Coat everything with it – the axles, the joining of the wheels and the axle, on the car itself.

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