What Is There To Do In Yorktown Beach?

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What to do in Yorktown for a vacation?

Nearby at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, a living history museum, you can experience the American Revolution firsthand through film, galleries, and re-creations of a Revolution-era farm and a Continental Army encampment. Costumed historical interpreters may even recruit you to join a cannon crew or help tend the crops.

Where to see the American Revolution in Yorktown?

Nearby at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, a living history museum, you can experience the American Revolution firsthand through film, galleries, and re-creations of a Revolution-era farm and a Continental Army encampment.

Where to dock a boat in Yorktown Va?

Stretching 34 miles and feeding into the Chesapeake Bay, the York River is the hub of activity along the Yorktown waterfront. Dock your boat at our public pier to take advantage of our beautiful beaches and restaurants, or let us do the steering for you.

Is there free parking at Yorktown Beach VA?

The beach offers free public parking in several lots throughout town with a complimentary Trolley service to transport guests and their beach gear. There are also restrooms, nearby hotels, bed & breakfasts, shops, and several restaurants.

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Drivers destined for Jones Beach can take Wantagh or Meadowbrook parkways south to the junction with Ocean Parkway and follow the signs to the field of their choice. Parking fees are $10 during peak times or $8 during non-peak times.

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Choose natural looking makeup, or go barefaced to the beach. Apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF to your face the morning before you go to the beach. The sun is good for your skin and can help clear up acne, too, so you don’t want to cover it up too much with concealer or foundation.

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