What Is The Use Of Computer In Research And Development?

Researchers are using it for conducting their research effectively. Computers are very useful and important when large sample in used. It saves the time of researcher …

Why is it important to use computers for research?

The developments taking place in the technology willfurther enhance and facilitate the use of computers for researchers. In spite of all these sophistications it is wise to remember that a computer is justa tool and a resource. It can only calculate or obey commands and cannot think.

Why was the development of computers so important?

As computers increased in power, speed, and the variety of functions they performed, the size and complexity of programs also expanded. Many modern programs contain tens of millions of lines of instructions in complex codes. Some are essential to the running of the machine and are built into it.

How are computers used in science and engineering?

Computers with high performance are used to stimulate dynamic process in Science and Engineering. Supercomputers have numerous applications in area of Research and Development (R&D). Topographic images can be created through computers. Scientists use computers to plot and analyze data to have a better understanding of earthquakes.

What are some of the applications of computers?

People can analyze investments, sales, expenses, markets and other aspects of business using computers. Many organizations use computer-based training to train their employees, to save money and improve performance. Video conferencing through computers allows saving of time and travelling costs by being able to connect people in various locations.

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