What Is The Main Problem In The Mouse And The Motorcycle?

Accordingly, what is the main problem in the mouse and the motorcycle? Ralph leaves the safety of the mouse hole and climbs up to the bike. Just as he sits on it, the …

What happens to the motorcycle in the mouse and the motorcycle?

Ralph is entranced with Keith’s toy motorcycle and is irresistibly drawn to ride it. He falls into an empty wastebasket, where Keith discovers him. They find that they are able to communicate. Their friendship grows: Keith brings food to the mouse family, and Ralph tells him about life at the inn.

Who are the characters in the mouse and the motorcycle?

Beverly Cleary introduces readers to the plot and characters by showing the Gridley family’s entrance to the Mountain View Inn from Ralph’s perspective. Ralph is entranced with Keith’s toy motorcycle and is irresistibly drawn to ride it.

What did Ralph find in the mouse and the motorcycle?

Ralph is able to find an aspirin tablet and borrows Keith's toy ambulance to retrieve it. When Ralph is successful, Keith's health is restored, one of the hotel's housekeepers had even found his motorcycle among the linens from which Ralph escaped.

How many pages are in the mouse and the motorcycle?

First edition Media type Print ( Hardcover and Paperback) Pages 186 OCLC 22460783 Followed by Runaway Ralph 8 more rows ...

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