What Is The Chronological Order Of The Four Greek Time Periods?

Dark Ages (circa 1100 – 700 BCE) Archaic (circa 700 – 480 BCE) Classical (480 – 323 BCE) Hellenistic (323 – 30 BCE) Each era had its own unique cultural …

What was the correct chronological order of years in ancient Greece?

Sometimes tenure of a priesthood provided the chronological basis, as at Argos, where years were dated as the n th of the (named) priestess of Hera. The correctness of the series was a matter first of memory and later of careful record. The list of annual archons at Athens was known back to 683 bc (in modern terms).

How is the history of ancient Greece divided?

Greek history is generally divided into the following eras: Each era had its own unique cultural characteristics, and the transition between them was often tumultuous. The position of Greece at the crossroads between Africa, Asia, and Europe has undeniably played a large role in the diverse and often turbulent history of Greece.

What did ancient Greece do during the Archaic period?

During the Archaic Period the Greek government began to form with the rise of the city-states such as Athens and Sparta. This was also when the Greeks began to explore philosophy and theatre. The Classical Period began with the introduction of democracy in Athens.

Who was the ruler of Greece during the classical period?

Near the end of the Classical Period Alexander the Great rose to power conquering much of Europe and Western Asia. The death of Alexander the Great ushered in the Hellenistic Period. Greece declined in power until it was finally conquered by Rome.

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