Is The Song Alyssa Lies A True Story?

Alyssa Lies- By Jason Michael Carroll Four years ago American country artist Jason Michael Carroll wrote a song based on a true story called "Alyssa Lies". This song took nearly three years to write, because the song was so emotionally painful.

Is the book Alyssa Lies based on a true story?

It is based on a true story of a girl that wasn't saved in time. It seemed to Carroll that no matter what he wrote, he would never be satisfied with it. When he realized that he would not be able to make the song perfect, he tried the best he could to make it realistic and sufficiently emotional.

Why did Jason Caroll write song Alyssa lies?

“Alyssa Lies” took Caroll nearly three years to pen because the song was emotionally hurting. Carroll often had migraines while writing, just by thinking about Alyssa’s fate. No matter what he wrote, he does not feel satisfied with his work. After three years, he felt it was as genuine as he could make it, and recorded the song.

Who sings Alyssa lies?

"Alyssa Lies" is a song written and recorded by American country music artist Jason Michael Carroll. The song was released as a single in October 2006, and served as his debut single and the lead-off to his debut album Waitin' in the Country.

Who was beaten to death in Alyssa lies?

However, when they get to school on Monday, it is too late; the culprit has apparently beaten Alyssa to death. Thus the lyrics, "She doesn't lie in the classroom ..."

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