Did Isc Results Come Out?

ISC Result 2019 has been released . To check the result students can visit the link given below. As per the reports, 96.52% is the total passing percentage of ISC this year.

When is the result of ISC 12th class?

ISC 12th Result 2021 Date - Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) will release the Class 12 result in July 2021. ISC 12th Result 2021 will be declared online on the official website cisce.org 2021 result. Students can also get their results offline through SMS.

Where to check ISC board results for 2020?

Similarly, council’s websites www.cisce.org or www.results.cisce.org will have a link to check 2020 board examination results which can be accessed via student credentials. Students should keep their admit card ready with roll number and date of birth.

Which is the date of release of ISC 12th admit card?

CISCE ISC 12th Admit Card 2021 will announce for all candidates who have appeared in the higher examinations class 12 in the year 2021. CISCE board will release ISC 12th Hall Ticket 2021 in the month of February 2021 on the official website.

Which is the last paper of ISC in 2021?

The first paper of ISC examination 2021 is Physics Paper- II scheduled to be held in February 2021. The last examination is for the subject Sociology to be conducted on in April 2021. The exam duration for a theory paper will be 3 hours with an extra 15 minutes to read the question paper.

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