Is The Coast Guard Academy Free?

The academies include the U.S. Military Academy (Army), the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy, and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA). If accepted, you’ll receive a completely free education, including room and board, hands-on training, and great benefits.

Where is the United States Coast Guard Academy?

Academic staff. The United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) is the service academy of the United States Coast Guard, founded in 1876 and located in New London, Connecticut. It is the smallest of the five federal service academies and provides education to future Coast Guard officers in one of nine major fields of study.

Can you apply to the Coast Guard for free?

If so, we invite you to apply to the Coast Guard Academy. Applying to the Academy is free and must be done online; there is no paper application. The Coast Guard Academy is ranked among the nation’s elite undergraduate colleges.

What do you need to know about Coast Guard admission?

This admissions data tells us that most of Coast Guard's admitted students fall within the top 22% nationally on the ACT. The middle 50% of students admitted to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy received a composite ACT score between 25 and 32, while 25% scored above 32 and 25% scored below 25.

Which is the most selective US Coast Guard Academy?

The United States Coast Guard Academy is a highly selective university with a low acceptance rate and high average SAT/ACT scores. However, USCGA has a holistic admissions process involving other factors beyond your grades and test scores.

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