Is Sun-In Spray Bad For Your Hair?

It's true, Sun In damages your hair—a lot. There are some really harsh chemicals in that cheerful little bottle, so be careful. It's important to keep in mind, however, that bleaching your hair at home or getting it done professionally will cause even more damage than at-home lightening sprays.

Is it safe to use Sun in spray on hair?

The spray also contains a couple of other ingredients to help moisturize hair and protect your scalp while you're using it, such as aloe vera leaf juice and chamomile flower extract. Overall, Sun-In is pretty safe for your hair no matter which method you choose to use it to lighten with, and will not cause damage to your hair.

Is the Sun in hair lightener bad for your hair?

Some complained about Sun-In turning their hair orange/brassy, but it seemed a good number of those experiences were from people who had used it years ago, as far back as the 90’s, 80’s and even the 70’s. I’m assuming the idea back then was to drench your hair in it, and then sit for hours in the sun.

Why does my hair fall out when I use Sun in equivalent?

Answer: If you last used the Sun In equivalent a few months ago, then it’s likely not due to that. It could be that the shampoo is irritating your scalp, or the hair loss could be due to hormonal changes or some illness. Hair coming out in strands is not indicative of a chemical reaction that would have been caused by the Sun In equivalent.

Is it safe to dye your hair after the Sun?

Answer: It’s safer to dye hair after sun in use if it doesn’t contain bleach, yes. It can still damage hair, but if bleach isn’t involved, it’s less likely. Be sure to test a small section of hair first, to be safe, and use an intensive moisturizing leave-in conditioner after.

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