Is Smilebox Really Free?

Smilebox is as fun and easy to use and the name suggests. The free version of this slideshow creator is very limited, though; if you want to do much with it, you'll need to spring for the $40/year subscription.

What can I do on Smilebox for free? offers over 1,200 options to create and design your own custom greeting cards, event invitations, photo albums, and so forth. The variety of available templates is truly impressive, and the personalization options are excellent as well, allowing users to upload and implement their own photos and music into their design.

What are the pros and cons of Smilebox?

Smilebox is as fun and easy to use and the name suggests. The free version of this slideshow creator is very limited, though; if you want to do much with it, you'll need to spring for the $40/year subscription. Pros Friendly and approachable. Cons Could be easier to use.

Is it safe to upload pictures to Smilebox?

Is Smilebox safe? - Not quite. Since you are using an online service and uploading your pictures to the Internet, you can hardly be sure that your pictures are safe from a nasty security breach. Want more opinion on the software?

What happens if I cancel my Smilebox subscription?

SHAME ON YOU SMILEBOX! FYI: Smilebox won't let you purchase a monthly subscription, forces you into a year, saying you can always cancel early, and then to find out you won't refund the remaining subscription (It's hidden in their terms and conditions, is what I was told when I wrote to inquire about the status of my refund). That's bad business!

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