Is Skate 4 Being Made?

The untitled Skate game, which would be Skate 4, was originally announced in June 2020, with EA even forming a brand new studio called Full Circle in order to work on it. The new trailer does pretty much nothing to expand on that initial reveal, asking fans to “stick with us” while showing a bit of commentary and mo-cap footage.

Is there a release date for Skate 4?

Currently, not much is known about Skate 4's release date, and since Electronic Arts didn't divulge much in the way of details, it's unknown when the game will release. According to the announcement video from the game, though, it seems as if we'll be waiting quite a while before Skate 4 is out.

What do you need to know about Skate 4?

What is Skate 4? For those unfamiliar, the Skate series was a skateboarding video game franchise initially started in 2007. The games were most famously known for their "flick it" control system, which gives you control over the front and back of your skateboard via the analog sticks on your controller.

What's the name of the new skate game?

EA has now announced that it's formed the new studio Full Circle to handle development on the next Skate game. The Canadian studio is hiring up for lots of roles, so we presume that development is still relatively early on.

Is there a season pass for Skate 4?

If the reality of a Skate 4 game is one which features an overpriced season pass, walled-off pre-order bonuses and distasteful micro-transactions, then we'd instead prefer to just theoretically enjoy the ideal version of Skate 4 that currently exists in our imagination, thank you very much.

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