Is Pediasure Good For Brain Development?

PediaSure Grow & Gain Shakes are a source of all these nutrients that support cognitive development and brain growth. What is PediaSure good for? PEDIASURE GROW & GAIN is clinically proven* nutrition to help kids grow and is a nutritious supplement for kids falling behind on growth. May be used as the sole source of nutrition or as a supplement.

How does pediasure grow and gain help kids grow?

Complete, Balanced Nutrition® PEDIASURE GROW & GAIN is clinically proven * nutrition to help kids grow and is a nutritious supplement for kids falling behind on growth. 1,2,3,4,5,6 May be used as the sole source of nutrition or as a supplement. Formulated for oral feeding; may also be tube fed. * Studied in children at risk for malnutrition.

What are the different types of pediasure for kids?

It comes in variants, such as PediaSure Grow and Gain, PediaSure Grow and Gain with Fiber, PediaSure Grow and Gain Organic, and PediaSure Grow and Gain Shake Mix (4). PediaSure Side Kicks is designed to fill the nutritional gaps in a child’s diet and helps kids catch up on their growth (5).

When to consult a pediatrician about pediasure?

It is even more important to consult a pediatrician if the child is already eating adequate food and consuming other beverages. The recommended intake will also depend on the PediaSure variant recommended by the pediatrician.

What are the side effects of pediasure side kicks?

PediaSure Side Kicks is designed to fill the nutritional gaps in a child’s diet and helps kids catch up on their growth (5). According to the maker, this product provides extra protein and fewer calories when compared to PediaSure Grow and Gain.

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