Why Far Cry 2 Is The Best?

Even to this day, Far Cry 2 remains one of the best looking games in the entire franchise. It positively nailed the graphical brilliance of the African continent with excellent lighting, texture detail and physics.

What makes Far Cry 2 a good game?

Where the Far Cry games excel at giving players a world to explore, and, crucially, the ability to approach problems according to their individual play styles, Far Cry 2 finds surprising ways to integrate those ideas into its story. It’s full of characters you can meet, befriend, work with, and, eventually, kill.

Which is better far cry or Far Cry Instincts?

Though it failed to have the giant levels, open-ended nature, and graphical prowess of Far Cry, Instincts made up for its deficiencies with new weapons, abilities, and even multiplayer. Far Cry Instincts doesn’t hold a candle to the original but it was an above-average shooter for the original Xbox.

Which is better Far Cry 2 or BioShock?

Undisputedly though, where Far Cry 2 excels most, more than any other game before or since, is in immersing you in its world. The opening taxi ride to your hotel, while not as iconic as Half-Life’s tram ride through Black Mesa or BioShock’s descent into Rapture, does a grand job of setting the scene.

What was the story of Far Cry 3?

Far Cry 3 was an interesting game for its attempt to take on video game tropes through its story. The game puts you in the role of a rich white millennial guy on a thrill-seeking vacation with his friends, when everyone is captured by bad guys.

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