Why Does Victoria Secret Pink Have A Dog Logo?

The “dog” in the PINK dog logo of Victoria’s Secret is their mascot. The dog in that mascot is actually a Beagle, which has a boldly patterned coat. A lot of theories are there for the PINK dog logo, but it is just a mascot exclusively for the PINK sub-brand of Victoria’s Secret.

When did Victoria's Secret start the Pink brand?

The decision does not affect Victoria’s Secret U.S. operations, but will hamper the company’s growing presence in the U.K. Victoria’s Secret launched Pink as a sub-brand of bras, panties, and sleepwear in 2004. From the start, the line was a sales “standout” with the added benefit of bringing teenagers and college students in the door.

Who is the CEO of Victoria's Secret?

From the start, the line was a sales “standout” with the added benefit of bringing teenagers and college students in the door. Pink “has brought vitality, youth, energy, and an all-new customer base to Victoria’s Secret,” L Brands Inc. chairman and CEO Leslie Wexner wrote in a 2009 letter to shareholders.

Who is the target demographic for Victoria's Secret Pink?

Pink in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (opened in October 2013) Pink (stylized PINK), a subsidiary of L Brands, is a lingerie and apparel line by Victoria's Secret targeting younger women than their main line. The target demographic consists of youth from ages 15 to 22.

What was the result of the Victoria Secret trademark case?

“Consumers are likely to enter one of the claimant’s shops looking for lingerie and be surprised and disappointed when they find they have made a mistake,” judge Colin Birss wrote in his ruling. The decision does not affect Victoria’s Secret U.S. operations, but will hamper the company’s growing presence in the U.K.

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