Why Does Aspirin Dissolve So Fast?

Why do aspirin tablets dissolve faster in hot water? Think of it simply and basically: hot temperatures melts objects. The aspirin didn’t melt, but the hot water made it less solid, therefore it expanded. That expansion allowed more water to be exposed simultaneously to the same amount of aspirin, dissolving it faster.

Why does aspirin dissolve the fastest in water?

I'm hoping you have had some chemistry, because the molecular interaction of the aspirin with water/acid is the best way to explain this. Solutes, such as aspirin, dissolve in acid due to the chemical composition of the binder used in the tablet and the chemical nature of the solute.

Which is part of the intestine does aspirin dissolve in?

Aspirin is more soluble in basic (alkaline) solutions, so it readily dissolves in the duodenum which is the first part of the intestine. Ionic salts of aspirin, such as sodium acetylsalicylate, are more soluble in water since they form stronger ion-dipole interactions with water.

Why does Disprin dissolve fast in the water?

Because of the crospovidone (also known as Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone or PVP), the tablet disintegrates in the water and somewhat equally disperses the contents of the tablet into the water. If you do not consume the medication quickly, the insoluble ingredients sediment and settle down.

Where does the breakdown of aspirin take place?

My data suggests that, the major breakdown of aspirin is in the most acidic parts of the body. This could apply in real life because an aspirin can come in contact with different substances in the body which break it down, including saliva (pH 6.5-7.5) and stomach acid (upper stomach pH 4-6.5, lower stomach pH 1.5-4).

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