Can You Walk The Length Of Chesil Beach?

A t 18 miles, walking the whole of Chesil Beach would make for a long day out. This walk, which starts at the village of Langton Herring, is a more managable length for a day walk. The route follows the South West Coast path and gives you great views of the famous pebble beach from across the Fleet Lagoon.

Where does the Chesil Beach Walk start and end?

21 miles (33 km) This walk takes you along Chesil Beach to St Catherine's Chapel in Weymouth, Dorset. The walk starts from the Chesil Beach Centre car park at Portland Harbour. The centre has a welath of information about the area, wildlife exhibitions and a good cafe.

Where to walk at Hamm and Chesil beaches?

A level walk from Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Fine Foundation Chesil Beach Centre along Hamm Beach past the National Sailing Academy and Portland Castle. Return to the Centre from Chesil Cove and back along Chesil Beach along the shingle ridge. There are a range of wonderful places to lay your head near the Coast Path for a well-earned sleep.

How long is the walk from Portland to Chesil Beach?

Technically Chesil Beach is 18 miles and runs from Portland at Chesil Cove, past Abbotsbury (where the spit rejoins the mainland), to Westbay in Bridport, so this walk is only walking part of the beach. Links Chesil Beach - Wikipedia Chesil Bank and Fleet (Lagoon) National Nature Reserve- official website of the NNR. See its blog.

How long is the walk from Abbotsbury to Chesil Beach?

Technically Chesil Beach is 18 miles and runs from Portland at Chesil Cove, past Abbotsbury (where the spit rejoins the mainland), to Westbay in Bridport, so this walk is only walking part of the beach. Chesil Bank and Fleet (Lagoon) National Nature Reserve - official website of the NNR. See its blog. Check for the latest access restrictions.

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