Who Is The Lady In Starbucks Logo?

The Starbucks logo also resembles yet another mysterious, and volatile female, Melusine (or Melusina). Known as the alchemical Siren, or twin-tailed mermaid, this ancient creature was at the center of various stories and legends, and had a connection to alchemy.

Is the Starbucks logo a mermaid or a siren?

The siren has a much less favorable symbology than that of the mermaid. The Starbucks logo is actually neither a siren or a mermaid but a combination of the two. In mythology, this is called a Melusine. She is described often as being more serpentine than fish on her bottom half.

Who is the face of the Starbucks brand?

She’s the biggest symbol of our brand, really, other than our partners (employees). She’s the face of it,” Steve Murray said. He’s a creative director in the Starbucks Global Creative Studio.

What's the meaning of the Starbucks Coffee logo?

Below you can see the major iterations of the Starbucks logo from a great post on Logo Design Love . You can also play around your creativity to create a coffee logo with this 100’s of coffee logo designs. You can see the original version of the logo was a little bit more risqué. Depicted in the logo is a twin held mermaid with exposed breasts.

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