What Factor Effects Soil Development?

Five factors of soil formation. Scientists attribute soil formation to the following factors: Parent material, climate, biota (organisms), topography and time. These factors interact to form more than 1,108 different soil series in Minnesota.

What are the factors that affect the formation of soil?

Temperature and precipitation (approximately 40 in/yr.) govern the rate of chemical and physical weathering of the soils and allows for the accumulation of organic matter in the surface layer of the soils. Moisture is sufficient enough to promote leaching of water-soluble material down through the soil.

How is soil development affected by industrial agriculture?

While soil is technically a renewable resource, it can take (pending the climate) between 100 and 1,000 years to develop — and this formation is so slow, that scientists apply the term “limited” to it, because although it is a natural resource, it is vulnerable to degradation. 5 The Impact of Industrial Agriculture on Soil Health

How does the pH of the soil affect plant growth?

The amount of moisture within a soil profile also impacts the soil pH. Soil pH is a determining factor in the kinds of plants that can grow on a soil. It also affects the availability of other nutrients that plants need to grow. If a soil is wet, soil characteristics illustrate that fact.

What are the effects of soil erosion on the environment?

What are the effects of soil pollution? 1 Loss of farmland. It is estimated that around half the worlds topsoil (the nutrient rich upper layer of soil) has been lost to in the past 150 years. 2 Need to increase tillage. ... 3 Pollution of watercourses. ... 4 Air Pollution. ... 5 Landslides. ... 6 Flooding. ... 7 Climate change. ...

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