What Does Yowza Yowza Yowza Mean?

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Which is an example of the word Yowza?

informal US. Used to express approval, excitement, or enthusiasm. More example sentences. ‘yowza, that was some exciting basketball weekend’. ‘a compact flatbed scanner for a mere $20, yowza!’. ‘Yowzah! These results are incredible’.

When did the word yowsa come into use?

My guess is that it came into general use through a Black pronunciation (or parody thereof) of "yes sir" ca. 1930s. It's not in the OED2, but the SOED dates it to the mid-20th century. It's an Americanism, possibly from the German "Jauchzer," a cry of delight. That's interesting; I'd always associated it with the 20s/30s.

Where did the Yowza neck gaiter come from?

Get the yowza neck gaiter and mug. Corrupted form of "yes, sir," thought to have first appeared in minstrel shows of the Jim Crow era. Often repeated, as in, " Yowza, yowza, yowza!"

Who was the white man in the cartoon yowsa?

He was a white man who affected a black accent, and would often pop out with the phrase between or even during the musical numbers. I heard "yowsa" times three in an old Warner Bros. cartoon, one of the early ones that feature caricatures of entertainers of the day.

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