What Does Your Bottom Line Mean?

Bottom-line definition is - concerned only with cost or profits. How to use bottom-line in a sentence.

Which is the best definition of the bottom line?

the bottom line 1. Literally, the final figure on a statement showing a person or company's total profit or loss. What is the bottom line for this quarter? 2. By extension, the most important aspect of something.

What does bottom line mean on a balance sheet?

( informal) the important conclusion, judgement, or result: We’ve had some success this year, but the bottom line is that the business is still losing money. 1. n. the grand total; the final figure on a balance sheet.

What's the meaning of the Triple Bottom Line?

In addition to analyzing a company's bottom line for profitability, there is a push to view the company holistically by measuring its impact on society and the environment. Hence was born the concept of the triple bottom line (TPL), which focuses on profit, people, and the planet.

When to look at the bottom line of a company?

Shareholders, the board of directors, and employees all rely on the bottom line numbers after each accounting period (usually quarterly) to assess the effectiveness of the company's marketplace strategy and internal management.

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