What Does With Bells On Mean?

What's the origin of the phrase 'With bells on'? This phrase is frequently used in reply to a party invitation and the common format in that case is to indicate one's enthusiasm with 'I'll be there with bells on!'. The phrase originated in the late 19th/early 20th centuries and most of the early citations of it suggest a US origin.

What does'i'll be there with bells on'mean?

The following answer is from www.phrases.org.uk. With bells on - meaning and origin. This phrase is frequently used in reply to a party invitation and the common format in that case is to indicate one's enthusiasm with 'I'll be there with bells on!'.

Where do the bells come from in with bells on?

The explanation most often put forward as the source of the bells in 'with bells on' is that they were those worn as part of jesters' costumes. The 'going to a party' scenario certainly fits with that.

What does the phrase with bells on your toes mean?

1. Eagerly or excitedly. The phrase is sometimes extended to "with bells on (one's) toes," which alludes to a nursery rhyme.

Where did the saying'same to you with bells on'come from?

"Same to you with bells/brass knobs on!". The knobs in the above are fairly easy to identify. The allusion is to the iron bedsteads which were commonplace items of furniture at the time the term was coined. The better class examples were embellished with brass knobs at the top of each bedpost. The 'bells' derivation is less clear-cut.

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