What Does Tipped Me Off Mean?

tip off. (redirected from tipped me off) tip off. To give one secret, private, or insider information or news, especially that which gives them or someone else an advantage of some kind. A noun or pronoun can be used between "tip" and "off."

What is the meaning of the phrase tip me off?

1. To provide someone or something with a piece of confidential, advance, or inside information: A betrayed gang member tipped off the police. Someone must have tipped the press off about the company's financial troubles. 2. To begin with a jump ball. Used of a basketball game, tournament, or season: The basketball game tips off at 8:00.

What do you mean when you say tipped?

tipped 1 To furnish with a tip. 2 To cover or decorate the tip of: tip strawberries with chocolate. 3 To remove the tip of: tip artichokes. 4 To dye the ends of (hair or fur) in order to blend or improve appearance.

What's the best way to tip someone off?

tip someone off (about someone or something) to give someone a valuable piece of news about someone or something. I tipped the cops off about Max and where he was going to be that night. I tipped off the mayor about the financial crisis.

What is the meaning of tip SB off?

Meaning of tip sb off in English. tip sb off. C2 to warn someone secretly about something that will happen, so that they can take action or prevent it from happening: [ + that ] Somebody must have tipped the burglars off that the house would be empty.

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