What Does The Word Wonderwall Mean?

The word wonderwall is a metaphorical term used to describe a person, place, or event. It is also a compound word. Wonder- To be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe. A curiosity. So a …

What is the meaning of the song Wonderwall?

Song MeaningThe word "wonderwall" means "the person you constantly find yourself thinking about". This song is simply about the feelings human beings get when they experience the initial stages of love and infatuation (limerence). It describes the volleying between euphoria and agony that a crush can make you feel.

When do you use Wonderwall as a caption?

Anyway, here’s Wonderwall has since been used as a caption on pictures of people or characters playing musical instruments. The gaming site IGN even used the phrase in a recap of the TV show Walking Dead to caption a picture of the character Glenn playing an acoustic guitar.

Why are there no words in Oasis Wonderwall?

What I love the most of this song is the fact that the word: "love" is not mentioned in the lyrics, because I hate songs which contain this specific word the whole time. It makes the song dull which is definitely not the case in this song.

Why was Wonderwall so important to Noel Gallagher?

General Comment Wonderwall is one of Noel Gallagher’s most important and personal songs, and his evasiveness over the years in explaining it (the right of any artist, imho), exposes the song to a lot of interpretations.

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