What Does The Term Jounce Mean?

Jounce definition is - to move in an up-and-down manner : bounce. How to use jounce in a sentence.

What's the kids definition of the word jounce?

Kids Definition of jounce. : to move, fall, or bounce so as to shake. Comments on jounce. What made you want to look up jounce?

Is there such a thing as a jounce car?

— Tribune News Service, oregonlive.com, 22 June 2019 Its suspension is soft and tuned for compliance such that the Atlas absorbed the jolts and jounces of our rutted camp driveway better than any other. — Jeff Sabatini, Car and Driver, 13 July 2017

What does jounce mean in Winnie the Pooh?

Winnie cried with a joyous little jounce that shook several pink blossoms from the tree. The wagon began to jounce, too; so they were obliged to go slowly. How it did jounce over occasional stones in the country road! For a time, he was content to jounce rapturously on the cushion and snap the buckle of the reins.

What kind of organ is used in jounce?

— Giovanni Russonello, New York Times, 28 Mar. 2018 On the album’s title tune, the bass line jounces from major to minor and then back again, as Mr. Mergia skates above it on organ and synthesizer and Fender Rhodes.

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