What Does The Story Of The Selfish Giant Teach Us?

What does the story of The Selfish Giant teach us? Based on Oscar Wilde’s short story of the same name, The Selfish Giant is a story that illustrates the perils of isolation and the negative consequences of selfishness, but it also teaches us that it is never too late for redemption and for love. What do you know about The Selfish Giant?

What is the story of The Selfish Giant?

The Selfish Giant is a story about a process of a selfish giant becoming a generous one. The Giant had a very beautiful garden where the children like playing. After the giant expelled children rudely, only the cold winter was in his garden. Finally, he realized that is was his selfishness prevented the coming of the spring.

Why does The Selfish Giant have a wall in his garden?

In the first case the children were referring to their joy when they were playing in the Giant’s garden. ,. When the Giant returned after a long gap, he shooed away all the children and erected a wall around his garden. Now children had no place to play. So, they were fondly remembering their old happy days.

When was The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde published?

Oscar Wilde’s one of the stylish fairy tales The Selfish Giant was included in, The Happy Prince and Other Tales published in 1888. Noted for his witty dialogues, humour, careful choice of words and arrangement of words, Oscar Wilde showed his best in The Selfish Giant .

What does winter mean in The Selfish Giant?

(ii) Winter has been presented like a stay with its own characters and their activities. Describes the story in your own words. (i) Winter indicates that flowers did not bloom in the Giant’s garden. The birds did not sing. There was no sign of joy and greenery. (ii) Winter has been portrayed as destroyer.

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