What Does The Abbreviation Pnc Mean?

PNC: Preservation North Carolina (Raleigh, NC) PNC: Purdue University North Central (Westville, ...

What does PNC stand for in computer terms?

What does PNC stand for? List of 230 PNC definitions. Updated May 2020. Top PNC abbreviation meaning: Police National Computer

What does PNC stand for in New Zealand?

Under the deal, PNC will pay around USD 1.25bn in cash. PNC continues to raise these issues with Health Workforce New Zealand, Immigration New Zealand as well as the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists. Acronyms browser ?

What does PNC Financial Services Group stand for?

(NYSE: FII), a Pennsylvania-based global investment manager, has announced it has reached an agreement to acquire certain components of the investment-management business of PNC Financial Services Group (NYSE: PNC ), the company said. This action supports PNC 's national expansion of retail banking launched in October 2018.

Where did the name PNC Bank come from?

According to PNC, the company's current name came from the shared initials of a 1983 bank merger between Pittsburgh National Corporation and Provident National Corporation.

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