What Does That Face Though Mean?

When it's used at the end of a sentence, "though" means approximately "however", or "despite what I just said in the sentence (s) before this one". When it's used at the beginning of a sentence, phrase, or clause, it can also mean "despite the fact that", and means the stuff immediately following it may appear to contradict the rest of the sentence.

What does the word " though " mean and which occasions can be used?

Thanks, though! Person B is declining person A's assistance, but thanking them for the offer to help anyway. It is still pretty weird, though. In this case, though is used to emphasize what comes before it (despite information that came previous to that).

What does the shape of your face mean?

Buckle up — because each face shape means something totally different, and you might find out more about yourself than you ever knew before. Here's the meaning behind every face shape. A fairly common face shape people have is a rectangular one.

When to use " though " at the end of a sentence?

When it's used at the end of a sentence, "though" means approximately "however", or "despite what I just said in the sentence (s) before this one".

What does it mean to have a round face?

Board-certified plastic surgeon Norman Rowe, who is based in New York, told Allure that a round face is pretty easy to spot. "Face shapes that are widest at the cheekbones are ... typically a round face shape," he said. So, if your cheekbones are wide and your face isn't long, you probably have a round face.

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