What Does Sunde Imasu Mean?

What does Sunde Imasu mean? (すんでいます sunde imasu) meaning “to be living” or “to live”. Kaori: (Slow, by syllable) 住んでいます (すんでいます sunde imasu) Gabriella: Now repeat.

What does ni Sunde Imasu mean in Japanese?

SUNDE means "to live" such as I live in this house. Watashi WA ie ni sunde imasu. Where do you live in Japanese phrase? You may say 'Doko ni sunde imasu ka.'

What does dokoni Sunde imasuka mean in Japanese?

SUNDE means "to live" such as I live in this house. Watashi WA ie ni sunde imasu. Loading... What does Dokoni sunde imasuka mean? "Dokoni sunde imasuka" is a Japanese phrase and in English it means "Where do you live?"

Where can I find Aishite Imasu in English?

From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. sa rete imasu ! sa rete imasu! okotte imasu ka? are you still angry?

Where are the children in Doko ni Imasu ka?

Kodomo wa doko ni imasu ka. Where are the children? Niwa ni dare ga imasu ka. Who is in the garden? Uchi ni dare ga imasu ka. Who is at home?

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