Can You Swim At Dillon Beach?

The town of Dillon Beach is about 45 miles northwest of San Francisco in Marin County on the beautiful California coast. Dillon Beach’s pristine sandy coastline and proximity to natural beauty makes it a popular destination for family vacations. You can swim, hike, fish, play water sports, and sight-see.

What to do in Dillon Beach with kids?

Dillon Beach’s pristine sandy coastline and proximity to natural beauty makes it a popular destination for family vacations. You can swim, hike, fish, play water sports, and sight-see. Book a stay at one of many unforgettable Dillon Beach vacation rentals today. Here are the top 12 kid-friendly things to do in and around Dillon Beach. 1.

Where is Dillon Beach in Marin County CA?

Dillon Beach in Dillon Beach, California. Dillon Beach on Bodega Bay is privately-owned by the Dillon Beach Resort, but for a small fee anyone can enjoy this beautiful beach. The beach is located in the small town of Dillon Beach at the northern Marin County coastal border.

Is there a hotel in Dillon Beach CA?

Tiny Dillon Beach California is a one store town. You won’t find any hotels here, and they have just one restaurant, a cafe that is only open four days a […] Elephant Rock is an outcropping of large rounded rocks near the town of Dillon Beach in Marin County.

How to get to Dillon Beach from Petaluma?

The resort has a quaint little cafe, a general store and surf shop, and cabins to rent if you’d like to stay for a while. To get here, just head west on Dillon Beach Road from the town of Tomales on Highway 1 west of Petaluma. Stay left as you head into town and the road leads right to the beach.

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