What Does No Through Trucks Mean?

No through trucks usually means you won’t be able to get your truck out if you go in usually because there is nowhere to turn around. No trucks means just that and I have that outside at the entrance to our driveway for employees and customers because our driveway and asphalt parking lot is not meant for heavy truck traffic.

Why are there no trucks on the road?

If a truck originates or has a scheduled stop within that town, it would not be affected by a through truck prohibition. No trucks means no trucks without specific business on that street. No trucks over ____# is, as @majorrich suggests, primarily to protect the integrity of the road bed itself.

Where does the word'have no truck'come from?

The earliest sense of truck was ‘trading by the exchange of commodities’ (from French troquer , meaning ‘barter’), from which developed the sense ‘communication or dealings’. ( British English) not want to deal with or be involved with somebody/something: He’ll have no truck with anyone on the political left. Avoid.

Are there any exceptions to the no truck sign?

The No Trucks sign prohibits, in addition to tractor-trailers, delivery vehicles (i.e. package/moving, oil, propane, etc.) and personally/commercially owned trucks from use on the segment of street or highway for which the signs are posted. There are no exceptions to this restriction.

What does a " no thru traffic " sign mean?

I thought the sign meant you can use the road as long as your on the street for a specific purpose (to reach a business, go home). Doesn't it mean you're not supposed to use it when your just passing through? I looked it up but it doesn't state specifically anything about "no thru traffic" signs.

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