What Does Mihito Mean?

What does Mihito mean? (mō-hē′tō) pl. mojitos. A cocktail made of rum, sugar, lime juice, crushed mint leaves, soda water, and shaved ice. [Cuban Spanish, from diminutive of Spanish mojo, sauce, from mojar, to moisten, to dip, from Vulgar Latin *molliāre, to soften by wetting; see moil.]

What kind of hair does Mahito have in the anime?

(In the anime, Mahito possesses heterochromia, as his left eye is dark blue and his right eye is gray.) He has long grayish-blue hair that reaches past his neck and is sectioned off into three large strands with ties at the ends. Along with his face, Mahito has stitches all across his body that give him the appearance that he was sewn together.

Which is the best definition of a Mihir?

A kind-hearted individual, who always puts others before himself. Someone anyone would be lucky to have. Mihirs' are also very panda-like because they tend to be very lazy. But they give the BEST hugs ever. I have my own Mihir and he's the best thing to ever happen to me. Mihir is very sexy. Get the Mihir neck gaiter and mug.

What does Mahito believe about the concept of Souls?

Mahito is also very philosophical when it comes to the concept of souls. He believes that the human soul came before the body and is intrigued by the very nature of the soul. His cursed technique is derived from this obsession, and he uses it to experiment on human victims in order to gain further knowledge.

What kind of intellect does Mahito have in jujutsu?

High Intellect: Mahito possesses very high intellectual prowess, especially for a cursed spirit. He was accurately able to deduce that jujutsu sorcerers were investigating him and was able to set a trap for his pursuers. Mahito can also surmise his opponent's skill level and even their cursed technique after just a few exchanges.

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