What Does Matthew Broderick Do Now?

What does Matthew Broderick do now? He’s currently balancing theater, film, and television Broderick remains largely a stage performer, working at London’s West End for the first time in 2019, in the production The Starry Messenger.

What did Matthew Broderick do for a living?

In more recent years, Broderick has been keeping himself busy, as well. In 2016, he appeared in the critically acclaimed film Manchester by the Sea. He had a cameo appearance in the animated series Adventure Time. On stage, he starred in an Off-Broadway revival of the play Shining City.

Why are Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick not married?

For some reason, the tabloids don’t believe in happily ever after, particularly when it comes to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. Gossip Cop has corrected several rumors about the status of the couple’s marriage. Two months ago, New Idea alleged Broderick and Parker hit a rough patch in their marriage.

What kind of clothes does Matthew Broderick wear?

See the new photos of James and his famous dad below! During the game, the actor was seen rocking red corduroy slacks and a dark-colored shirt while his son enjoyed the sights in a pair of gray jeans and a black turtleneck.

Who are the parents of Matthew Broderick's son?

Matthew and James aren’t seen together in public a ton, so it was nice seeing the duo acting like some regular fans of the game, even if the Knicks did lose … again.

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