What Does Job Title Principal Mean?

The term “Principal” when used as a job title or in business, usually means an early investor or originator of the company. It is usually someone that has a good bit of decision making authority over the company with which they are associated. It is usually not the inventor or founder, but someone important that entered the company early or in a substantial way.

What is a principal title in business?

The term “Principal” when used as a job title or in business, usually means an early investor or originator of the company. It is usually someone that has a good bit of decision making authority over the company with which they are associated.

Is there a job description for a principal?

Those who are called ‘principal’ should be cognizant of several important aspects of their roles.” I constantly get asked by readers and clients if I can send them a job description for “principal.” My response is usually the same – there is no job description for this title. “Principal” is a status title.

What does a job title mean for an employer?

For an employer, a job title describes the type of position and level an employee holds. Here’s information on what is included in a job title, and how you can use a job title in your job search. Also, see lists of job titles and job descriptions organized by industry and level of experience. Types of Job Titles

What's the difference between an owner and a principal?

The main difference between a principal and an owner is the job title. A principal is another name for the owner of a business, but not every owner may consider themselves the principal of their company. They may prefer a less hands-on role and choose a job title that signifies that.

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