Can You Send Hidden Pictures?

When you’re ready to send your hidden file to a friend, they will require some advance notice: You need to tell the recipient of the newly-packaged data that you’re hiding one chunk of digital information inside another. Ideally, you’ll explain this through one mode of communication, and send the file itself via a different route.

What's the best thing to do with hidden pictures?

This has become so popular that this series has expanded into a board game and video game series. The Everything Kids' Hidden Pictures Book: Sharpen your searching skills and see if you can find the objects hidden in these picture puzzles. You will want to grab a pencil and start exploring these creatively mastered puzzles.

Is there a way to print a hidden picture?

Note that these hidden pictures can only be completed online, there's no way to print them. Interactive options like zooming into a certain area of the puzzles, hiding the objects list, and getting hints, really make these hidden picture puzzles unique. Use your mouse to click on the object you've found in the Highlights hidden picture.

Are there any free hidden pictures for kids?

Some of these hidden pictures are very easy and are a great way to help younger children learn to observe and work on their counting. Older kids will love the more complicated puzzles where there are multiple items to be found. Highlights Hidden Pictures has a ton of free hidden pictures for kids available.

How do you find objects in hidden pictures?

Use your mouse to click on the object you've found in the Highlights hidden picture. The object will be colored in on the hidden picture. You can use the Zoom feature to zoom in on certain areas of the puzzle. Below the hidden picture, you'll see how many objects you've found out of the total number of hidden objects in the pictures.

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Not all hospitals will have pictures of babies on record. Provide proof that you can have access to the baby’s records. Medical records are confidential, but if you’re the parent of a minor, then you can get access.

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