What Does Gravitropism Mean?

Gravitropism is a turning or growth movement by a plant or fungus in response to gravity. It is a general feature of all higher and many lower plants as well as other organisms. Charles Darwin was one of the first to scientifically document that roots show positive gravitropism and …

Which is the correct definition of the term gravitropism?

Gravitropism Definition. Gravitropism, also called geotropism, where geo- means the earth, and tropism refers to turning, is the growth of a plant’s organ or change in the direction of its growth in response to gravity.

How does gravitropism affect the growth of a plant?

Gravitropism is a plant's natural growth response to the effects of gravity. Typically, roots grow down into the ground, and the stems and leaves grow up above the ground. However, when a plant is placed on its side, it will begin to automatically bend back in an upright position.

Why does gravitropism occur on the lower side of the shoot?

In stems, the auxin also accumulates on the lower side, however in this tissue it increases cell expansion and results in the shoot curving up (negative gravitropism). A recent study showed that for gravitropism to occur in shoots, a lot of an inclination, instead of a weak gravitational force, is necessary.

What is the role of statoliths in gravitropism?

Gravitropism Definition. The statoliths are denser than the cytoplasm around them, and they stimulate the production of auxin, a hormone that is crucial for regulating plant growth. Gravitropism is one of a few forms of tropism, such as phototropism, where the direction of growth changes in response to light.

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