What Does Glycemic Load Mean?

The glycemic load is the GI of a food multiplied by the amount of that food you eat. The glycemic load of food puts together its carbohydrate content and its glycemic index to give a more accurate estimate of how much it will affect blood glucose level.

What does the glycemic load tell you about food?

That's what the glycemic load tells you. It's a number you may see along with the glycemic index in lists. Think of it as the glycemic index for a specific amount of that food. Glycemic load helps you account for both the quantity and the quality of your carbs at the same time.

What is the glycemic index and what does it mean?

The glycemic index, or GI, is a measure used to determine how much a food can affect your blood sugar levels.

When was the glycemic load ( GI ) invented?

The GI was invented in 1981 by Dr Thomas Wolever and Dr David Jenkins at the University of Toronto and is a measure of how quickly a food containing 25 or 50 grams of carbohydrate raises blood-glucose levels.

Is it good to use glycemic load for weight loss?

One 2007 study has questioned the value of using glycemic load as a basis for weight-loss programmes. Das et al. conducted a study on 36 healthy, overweight adults, using a randomised test to measure the efficacy of two diets, one with a high glycemic load and one with a low GL.

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