What Does Get Twisted Mean?

Get Twisted This is from one of those dumbass " Above the Influence " commercials where the kids are sitting in a diner and one says to another "hey we about to go get twisted , you in?". The definition of "twisted" is never revealed, which confuses the audience because, frankly , nobody in history has ever said they are getting fucking twisted.

What does the saying Don't get It Twisted mean?

dont get it twisted. A saying ofen used when somebody is jumping to conclutions or placing the blame on some body els. "dont get it twisted i aint been no were near your shop nickin no cider mate" or " why you sayin that iv been smoking wen i aint mother ur a derrked dont get it twisted".

What is the meaning of the word twisty?

1. To be or become twisted. 2. To move or progress in a winding course; meander: The river twisted toward the sea. 3. To squirm; writhe: twist with pain. 4. To rotate or turn in another direction: The owl's head twisted around toward me. 5. To dance the twist. n. 1. Something twisted or formed by twisting, especially: a.

What is the definition of get your knickers in a twist?

don't get it twisted; Definitions include: don't be mistaken; "believe it". get (one's) knickers in a twist; Definitions include: to become angry about something that the speaker doesn't think is worthy. get (one's) panties in a twist; Definitions include: panic, upset: titty-twister

Which is the best definition of twist off?

1. Something twisted or formed by twisting, especially: a. A length of yarn, cord, or thread, especially a strong silk thread used mainly to bind the edges of buttonholes. b. Tobacco leaves processed into the form of a rope or roll.

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