Can You Run Power Through Speaker Wire?

It is really okay to run speaker wires along power wires. In theory it shouldn't be done, but in a car environment, you won't notice it. There was a debate on this before. Because the voltage is only 12.5v, it's not high enough to cause interference.

Can you run speaker wire and electrical wire in the same?

It is really okay to run speaker wires along power wires. In theory it shouldn't be done, but in a car environment, you won't notice it. There was a debate on this before.

Is it okay to run speaker wire beside AC?

In theory it shouldn't be done, but in a car environment, you won't notice it. There was a debate on this before. Because the voltage is only 12.5v, it's not high enough to cause interference. 115v AC is another story. Another myth, you CAN run RCAs on the same side as power wires. It won't pickup alternator noise.

Do you need a coaxial cable for a speaker?

It's basically a 0-2 volt signal with no current. It needs a coaxial cable to shield the weak signals from noise & outside interference. Your speaker wire is almost too-thick for the signals to travel, and the lack of shielding means you are likely to pick up 60 hz noise from nearly any nearby power wire.

How big of a speaker wire do I Need?

Speaker wire comes in many different gauges, each with a number. The smaller the number, the bigger the wire and the more power it can handle. A lamp draws very little current, especially with modern LED bulbs, so ordinary speaker wire of even 18 or 20 gauge is fine.

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