What Does Disco Nap Mean?

disco napunknown. A classic rave/club-whore term that refers to a brief (30-90 minute) nap which a person takes in between two large events (e.g., raves and circuit parties). Because both events may …

When do you go for a Disco Nap?

A power sleep to recouperate before going out for the night. Usually after a hard days work, but before heading out to the dancing. Mags had a hard day down the IR and needed a wee Disco Nap to prep herself for the night ahead. Get a disco nap mug for your bunkmate Abdul.

What is the history of the word nap?

History of "Nap" as a Textile Term. Since the 15th century, the term "nap" has referred to a special pile given to cloth. The term "pile" refers to raised fibers that are there on purpose, rather than as a by-product of producing the cloth.

What do you mean by Nap in fabric?

Nap is the texture of a fabric with the raised fibers of the fabric going in a particular direction. This property of fabric is woven into it. A secondary yarn is woven through the cloth to get the nap. You can feel the nap of a fabric by running your hand on the surface of the cloth.If you are running your...

Where does the term " nap " come from in horse racing?

Nap is short for Napoleon and indicates a tipster's main fancy for the day. The term is originally French believed to come from the card game Napoleon. It indicates a player's best hand. In the game, when a player believes they have the winner it's called a Napoleon.

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