What Does Bland Urine Mean?

Bacteria, cells, mucus, crystals or tiny stones, and so on. To make it a bit more descriptive (other word), old timey doctors split it into "bland" and "active". "Active" urine sediment has cellular elements, namely red or white blood cells, or the same cells in "cast" form.

What makes up the " Bland " part of urine?

"Bland" urine sediment would be the other elements, such as crystals, protein, and urinary casts. This is not to say having these elements aren't dangerous - in fact, they may imply a more serious, long-standing kidney problem - such as uncontrolled diabetes.

Is it bad to have bland urine sediment?

"Bland" urine sediment would be the other elements, such as crystals, protein, and urinary casts. This is not to say having these elements aren't dangerous - in fact, they may imply a more serious, long-standing kidney problem - such as uncontrolled diabetes. In the end, it's best to have such findings evaluated by a qualified professional.

What does it mean to have white blood cells in your urine?

According to the journal Archivum Immunologiae ET Therapiae Experimentalis, doctors usually order a urine test to check for urine sediment and abnormalities in urine. The presences of white blood cells floating in urine is also an indicator of inflammation in the prostate.

What causes white specks and sediment in urine?

Let’s look in more detail at the various medical issues that can cause you to have particles, white specks and sediment in urine. The most common reason for sediment showing up in a urinalysis is the presence of a urinary tract infection. UTIs are common among women but can also affect men.

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