What Does Barcode Label Unreadable And Replaced Mean?

What does barcode label unreadable and replaced mean? All it means is that the barcode is covered/scratched so the automated scanners can’t read it. The rep prints a new label, which creates the exception on the tracking page, and the package continues on it’s way. What means shipment exception?

Why are some of my barcodes still unreadable?

For these reasons, using 2D symbols instead of 1D barcodes and, subsequently, 2D barcode imagers in barcode reading may decrease the possibility of unreadable codes due to low contrast. The quiet zone is the area surrounding a barcode or 2D symbol that must be kept free of text, marks, or obstacles (also referred to as the “no-print zone”).

Why are the bars of a barcode not distinguishable?

Linear (1D) barcodes such as UPC/EAN and stacked symbols such as PDF417 must be distinguishable across the entire length of the symbol to capture all critical elements (in this case, bars) for decoding. If any of the bars of the barcode are obscured due to low contrast, the result can be a no-read for the entire code.

What happens if the Barcode of a QR code is obscured?

If any of the bars of the barcode are obscured due to low contrast, the result can be a no-read for the entire code. Since linear barcodes are typically longer, good contrast must be obtained for a large surface area, as opposed to 2D symbols such as Data Matrix and QR Code, which are typically more compact.

How is a barcode reader able to decode data?

In order to extract data from the elements (1D bars or 2D cells) of a barcode, a barcode reader must be able to differentiate between the light and dark elements of the symbol. Both element types are essential for proper decoding, enabling a barcode reader to obtain the precise patterns of barcode elements that represent encoded data in the symbol.

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