What Does Abnormal Myocardial Perfusion Study Mean?

The word “Myocardial” is used to describe the muscles of the heart. Myocardial Perfusion, also called Nuclear Myocardial Perfusion Imaging or Nuclear Stress Test, is a nuclear cardiology procedure that involves, putting pharmaceutical radioactive tracers, a radioactive, into the muscle of the heart to show images of the nutritional blood flow to ...

What kind of test is a myocardial perfusion?

Myocardial Perfusion, also called Nuclear Myocardial Perfusion Imaging or Nuclear Stress Test, is a nuclear cardiology procedure that involves, putting pharmaceutical radioactive tracers, a radioactive, into the muscle of the heart to show images of the nutritional blood flow to the muscles of the heart.

What makes an abnormal myocardial perfusion defect?

Abnormal myocardial perfusion study: small sized reversible perfusion defect involving apical inferolateral segment and apex of left ventricle? Arterial blockage.: Ischemia in areas of the heart, as you have related, infers that the arteries that feed these parts of the heart are narrowed such that blood flow through them reduces with exertion.

What are the risks of a stress myocardial perfusion scan?

What are the risks of a stress myocardial perfusion scan? Risks of the scan may include: The exercise part of the test may lead to rare instances of abnormal heart rhythms, chest pain, or heart attack due to the stress on the heart caused by the exercise. The needle used to put in the IV may cause some pain.

When do you need a cardiac perfusion scan?

In this Article. A cardiac perfusion test tells your doctor if the muscles of your heart are getting enough blood. It's also known as myocardial perfusion imaging or a nuclear stress test. You might need this test if: You're having chest pains because of narrowed or blocked arteries -- a problem known as angina You've had a heart attack,...

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